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Mum's and Carer's with kids with ASD and Anxiety

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Course Starting...April 4th

Can you relate to this?

  • I find it difficult to juggle everything especially what I need.
  • I feel like I am living on edge all the time.
  • I feel like I can't control my frustrations, tears or emotions and over react at my child, others or even the littlest of things.
  • I am supersensitive to everything.
  • I am exhausted all the time.
  • I feel guilty when I take time out for me.
  • I feel suffocated due to all the responsibilities and stresses of everyday life.
  • I can’t remember when I did something fun for me.

If it does look no further.

I have a solution for you.

My program - You were born to Play!

You were born to play!

(playfulness survival toolkit)

Topics included

  • Celebrating me and my life
  • How can I vs How I can
  • Release and Reconnect
  • Time to Nurture You
  • Heal the wounded child
  • You were born to play
  • Tap into your inner GPS
  • Sowing the Seeds to Success

Pay in Full

(Normally valued at $1500)

For any enquiries (including payment plans) email me direct @ pauline.thefreedomcoach@gmail.com

otherwise schedule a chat


Welcome Women!

Welcome and thank you for joining me in this space where you are safe, loved, valued and heard. Where you tap into your inner self, femininity and joy. Where you are nurtured, guided and enlightened to reignite your inner sparkle. Where you have fun, laugh and cry releasing what no longer serves you and moving towards freedom.

Firstly, I celebrate you for taking the time, for yourself to begin to discover, connect and align with what you need to bring you back to you and what makes you happy.

Secondly, I am so proud of you for finding the courage and the strength to search for what feeds your soul to freedom and to honour yourself enough to listen to that inner calling that you are worthy of so much more.

Thirdly, I applaud you for the Ripple effects of what you do from here on will change not only your future story but also those of your children and future generations to come. You are launching others to freedom along with you.

Thank you x

I'm here to nurture & empower lost women (mums) to

breakthrough their

fear and step into FREEDOM confidently.


Welcome and thank you for joining me in this space where you are safe, loved, valued and heard.

Where you tap into your inner playfulness, fun and connection.

Where you are supported, guided and motivated moving towards freedom in learning and life as a family.

I celebrate you for taking the time, for yourself and your kids to begin to discover, connect and align with what you need to bring you back to you and what makes you and them happy.

Together we focus on your child/teen/young adult to create a tool box filled with tools to 'sow the seeds to success' building self-confidence, a growth mindset and to reach their full potential and empower them to manage life's challenges.

By encouraging your child/teen/young adult with positive parenting it creates a foundation that sows the seeds to 'loving connections' and better understanding of each other moving forward.

Here is the link to check out what we can do.

Welcome Families!


Who Am I

Hi! I'm Pauline Duncan.

I am a single home schooling mum of 3 teens who has recently moved to her dream place amongst the whales, water and warmth of Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia. After over 20+ teaching in primary and special needs schools, I am now a business entrepreneur, author and coach endeavouring to help others find their way in life, to their dream destination confidently, in whatever that means for them. My vision is to change whatever is holding them back and change their story, ancestral patterns and expectations so that they can rise from the darkness into the beauty and freedom like a Lotus.

My Life Skills

Intuitive Coaching, Mental health first aid

Reiki level 1&2

20+ year teaching primary school, homeschooling for 12yrs,

including special needs & ESL.

Specialising in positive parenting, behaviour

management and children’s welfare.

Author and co-author in a number of books.

NDIS friendly.

Work with Me

Lotus Flower on Lily Pads

Email Me Direct: pauline.thefreedomcoach@gmail.com

otherwise schedule a chat

Parenting, Home Schooling & Tutoring

As a teacher of 20+ years in primary and special needs education and home schooling.

I offer 1:1 and group sessions which include coaching, mentoring, positive parenting home schooling and tutoring. Online or in person.

Any age

NDIS friendly

Schedule a chat

Coaching Programs

Freedom Car Travel Concept

Gerbera Program

A woman who is ready to immerse in

Self Discovery


Learn More


A woman who is yearning for Connection


Learn More


A woman who is ready to cultivate



Learn More

Humpback Whale Jumping

The Ultimate Freedom

Experience Retreat

This is an online retreat for women who are ready to immerse themselves in what Freedom really feels like. To be open to letting go of what no longer serves them, opening up to receive the abundance of serenity, self love and connection and so much more. Giving themselves permission to be free to be who they are meant to be.

Contact me if you are ready to FLY.

Coming Soon

Program Overview


Self-awareness / self-discovery - beliefs

and values

 Discover you desires / what makes your

heard sing, and reignites the fire within

 What do you want?

 How do you want to feel - raise vibration

 Bucket list

 Balance, ease and flow - breathwork,


 Bring play back into your life - do

something fun

 Action steps to begin the journey, tick

off that bucket list


How to start loving you - mirror work

 Self-love ritual

 How to do more of what you love

 ‘I can’ attitude

 Gratitude

 Connection within - listening to own

inner GPS

 Connection within - journalling

 Create ease and flow - Breathwork and


 Your words matter - affirmations

Red Rose Detail for Background


Look at what is holding you back

 Forgiveness

 Being kind to you, nurture, worship you

 Being open to receive

 Card pull

 Adventure

 Alignment

 Abundance

 Fun

 Use your childlike imagination

 Tap into your inner child

 Vision boarding

What Clients Say

Guidance Through the Layers

“I would just like to say to you Pauline, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your loving guidance in enabling me to dig through the layers of my life to get to the core of what I was wanting to

achieve on a deeper level. You helped me to put things into perspective and break tasks down into small, bite size achievable pieces.

I first started out wanting to please you and achieve everything we had set out for me to do, and I looked forward to speaking again to tell you of my successes.

I was putting into place the things we had discussed, even if only for that day. It has been a few months since we finished up and at first, I was trying to accomplish everything but really not achieving anything.

It was once I focused on myself and my family that slowly everything, we had talked about was starting to fall into place. When I’d realise what was happening, I would smile to myself and give thanks to you. Pauline. for shining the light on what I needed to see.

You are such a beautiful soul with such a gentle loving nature and that is why I know you

will truly shine as a Life Coach. Your presence is still felt long after the conversations ended. I wish you well in your endeavours and thank you once again for being a true beacon of light.”

Love and light to you beautiful Pauline and blessings on your day ** xo

Warm regards,

Christie Ross


You Put Me At Ease

In our first session Pauline put me at ease straight away. I had found someone who understood me and my determination to achieve multiple goals.

One goal was to exceed target at work by the end of the financial year. Pauline coached on goal setting and taking action. She also took me through a process of visualization and seeing myself achieve the goal.

I was also in start-up phase in a new business. I was time poor, didn’t have clear focus and no real direction. Pauline empowered me to look at my daily routine and create a plan. It was not to be all

business, but also time out for self-care and to re-energize.

Working with Pauline has been amazing – she guided me into achieving my initial goal and exceeding target. I forgotten that when target is met, you receive a monetary bonus… was I surprised to receive large

amount of money in my bank account unexpectedly.

Working with Pauline was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Thank-you Pauline.

Kim Fazzolari- Holistic Business Coach

Back To Basics

I wasn't working during the time Pauline was my coach; I was becoming anxious and worried about my financial situation.

Pauline's sessions were so grounding.

She had a calming energy and a real knack at

bringing me back to basics. offering new and uncomplicated perspectives to help me move forward.

By the time our coaching partnership had ended, I secured a new job!!!

I credit Pauline's coaching for this. Thank

you for keeping me grounded.

I am free!


For someone you know

Do you know someone who needs to...

  • put themselves first
  • give themselves a break from life challenges
  • breakthrough their fears
  • have more fun
  • have more freedom
  • take timeout for themselves

Perhaps purchase a gift voucher to

start their journey to freedom.

Single session

Discount bundle x 3

$120 AUD


(Click on image to access link)

How to use this journal….

Before you begin writing each day, find a quiet place, and place your hand on your heart and take a a few deep breathes. Let your shoulders drop and imagine your butt connected to the earth. Feel her energy, her strength, her courage, her love. Drawing into you. Then, take a few more deep breathes and imagine you are surrounded by white light, angelic light as it seeps into every core of your body from the top of your head spreading like stardust through you.


Ask yourself these 3 questions…

What do I need to let go of today?

What is the message I need to hear today?

What matters to me?

Now, let yourself write. Whatever comes up is what is meant to come up. There is no judgement here just free writing. Your inner you/spirit is speaking to you through your writing.

This is a journal for you to surrender to your inner wisdom/spirit and release what no longer serves you eg. thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, triggers and stories to create space for you to engage, embrace and visualise your insights and your messages for you so that you can find you, your purpose and joy within. It’s an opportunity for you to take the time from the ‘busyness’ of life to connect with yourself and what ignites the sparkle within you. To focus on what it is that you truly want. This is your story of transformation, enlightenment and soul connection.

Why I did I write this book

As women and as mothers, we often need a reminder, a nudge to take time out to reconnect and rediscover ourselves and what we truly want and how we truly feel. A time to honour ourselves. A time to dream. We often get caught up in the world of responsibilities and commitments to things, to others, to life and forget ourselves. I wrote this journal with you in mind, to help you slow down, to connect to your heart, your spirit, your soul to allow yourself, to give yourself permission to release what no longer serves you and to rediscover what makes your heart sing, to listen to the messages your inner being is sending to you so that you can be a happier you. So that you can ‘be’ from a place that is true to you and that you can enjoy life, see life from a place of love, calm and fun rather than a ‘rat’ race of busyness, stress, overwhelm, disconnection and following others values and expectations of you and allowing your limiting beliefs to succumb you rather than following your own path in this journey of life.

This is a journal to create your story, starting now!

Enjoy it!

Have fun with it!

Embrace it!

Let go!

Take the time to show yourself that you are worthy of this time. That you matter. I encourage you to take the steps to show her that you love her.

Gratitude A Journey Of The Soul

There was a tiny seed planted, an idea where stories of gratitude from others would help spread my message further and wider. I have a mission to spread gratitude to one million people through my journals, through my yet to be published book, through these stories, through my speaking gigs and workshops, and more. I realised that my gratitude method and my gratitude warriors are all around me, on a similar mission. We are on a journey to spread the word of positive psychology and mindfulness.

Mindfulness and gratitude come hand in hand, and it is up to the gratitude warriors to spread this along after reading this. You too have become a gratitude warrior, and I urge you to spread this, because I cannot do this alone.

In times of darkness, we must bring light.

In times of sadness, we must bring happiness. In times of negativity, we must bring positivity.”

Twenty-Two Stories of Gratitude

$23.95AUD plus P&H

Otherwise please email me directly to purchase.


Available for Pre-Order Purchase now!


Healing of the Soul


Modern Geo Rounded Rectangle


Forgiveness is the beginning of your new story, creating space for fun, fulfilment, and freedom. It

allows yourself permission to come back to you.

This empowering book was written as a collaborative of 24 authors to enlighten others on how

important forgiveness is for healing, creating peace within so you can move forward from darkness

and from being stuck to opening your heart to love and a happier life. Ultimately, setting you free.

All the authors have shared their individual vulnerable real-life experiences on how forgiveness set them free.

Some stories will shock you, some will test your beliefs and some will allow you to realise the power of forgiveness.

It’s never too late to forgive.

As Louise Hays puts it, “all you need is to be willing to forgive and the universe takes care of the


$22AUD plus P&H

Helping Me to Help You

Is a collection of personal stories sharing hardships in order to give a message of hope, joy and peace. Stories cover topics like parenting issues, loneliness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bipolar and more.

I had chosen to write a story in this book to help women to know they are worthy of a better life and to find the courage to take the steps towards freedom for themselves and their children.

$10 of the proceeds goes towards the MSPN (Mitchell Shire Prevention Network) towards suicide prevention.

Please email me directly to purchase.